View Full Version : I cant host In Rogue Spear plz help

05-15-00, 01:35 PM
ok heres the deal.
I have a new system, HP 9686C and since I got it 2 months ago it will not let me host in Rogue Spear. I can join and play just fine but it wont let anyone join my games if I host. I get to the launch screen but it wont let anyone into my game.
I tried the zone and my local isp, rr for help...no help provided.
I have lots of money and am willing to keep it all if anyone is willing to help.

ty for your time.


05-15-00, 03:19 PM
What OS are you using? is ICS, NAT, or a proxy installed on your machine or are u connected through ICS, NAT or proxy?, do you have a firewall installed?


05-17-00, 08:05 PM
I am using win 98 with everything turned off included virus protection so game wont lag. I have cable connection running thru the factory networking card that came in hp. I have been playing just fine on this system but its a no go on hosting. Plz help me I am lost on what to do. ty Ben

05-17-00, 08:07 PM
oh yea I didnt put up a firewall unless hp had it installed on software package...wouldnt that effect my joining also though< if not where do I look to see...ty again Ben