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05-13-00, 10:38 AM
How many people can I host with:

1.5mbps DOWN // 300kbps UP

Please respond

-BuggY (NoOneBeatsTheBest!)

05-23-00, 06:47 AM
hey buggy do u have ADSL?
whats ur average download speed?
whats ur ping on gameplay like HL or Q3?
does a tweak or patch work for ADSL?

Im asking alot of questions cuz Im getting ADSL in like tomorrwo or after tomorrow.
the ADSL will be 384k....so whats the ping?
thanx alot!


05-23-00, 07:58 PM
if it was 384k down how would I ping?
and can u tell me like in 2 days how to tweak?


05-23-00, 11:26 PM
yes i have adsl from mindspring max
I ping under 45 on TRIBES games and on quake 3 around 50.
I download FILES at average about 300kbps
yes tweaks that i downloaded worked. http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/tongue.gif

Is your 384k up or down?? If its down, your upload is probley about 80 or 90k. Meaning you will not ping as low as i normally do. Maybe ping around 120-140.

PS - About my earlier question...no one needs to answer it. I found out already.

thx all...

-BuggY (NoOneBeatsTheBest!)

05-24-00, 08:22 AM
ok well i know what my dsl modem is going to be its going to be 384dl/128ul......well can I download anything that will make it better?
please tell me!
for tweaks how much will it decrease ur ping?

05-24-00, 01:32 PM
Not a lot you can do for your Download and Upload settings. Which is kind of a bummer.

You see, those settings are altered by your provider, a lot of times they really put serious restrictions on it because they have so many customers. Generally however those are great settings http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif

You see, I am he who fought with Cogeco@home to get the Cable Modem settings around here from 128K/UL changed... and lost http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/frown.gif

05-24-00, 07:03 PM
Not with DSL madman (Restrictions are only on cable. DSL is not shared its private)

Anyways you can get the tweaks from this website. Follow the directions on there...i dont wanna give u directions and mess anything up.

You will ping maybe 100 or even down to 70 or 80. (Which is pretty good)
So i suggest u look around this site. They helped me :}:}
good luck

-BuggY (NoOneBeatsTheBest!)

05-24-00, 07:51 PM
well....I couldn't see ur web site they were just all dashes....try typing it again


05-25-00, 03:06 PM
Its not my website its SpeedGuide's website. They have all the tweaks there!


Go there

-BuggY (NoOneBeatsTheBest!)

05-25-00, 10:10 PM
ok Im at the web site right now..and I have windows 98 so I download that one...where do I download it to?
do I have to do any settings to make it work?Im not very good on these things...


05-25-00, 10:22 PM
ok I downloaded the right one i think,,,the file was a read me file and so I read it,,,I installed it by clicking on the right click,,,and it just took like 1 second to install,,,,then it told me to reboot,,,I did,,,now should it work?is that the right thing?
does it only work for cbale modems and dsl?