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05-13-00, 06:55 AM
yep, i cant get into some servers cause they restrict the entrance to a minimum of 100 ping, and i get 60 average. i know i could download some stuff but thats not a very reliable method...

anyone got any ideas?

05-13-00, 10:30 AM
Why would you want to increase your ping? It makes you alot slower!?

respond and ill help http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/eek.gif

-BuggY (NoOneBeatsTheBest!)

05-14-00, 12:25 AM
Not sure what game you are playing but in Quake2 when I needed to do this I would crank my MaxFPS up and it would start adding some ms to my ping.. depending on the game this may or may not help you

05-14-00, 12:58 AM
Because some servers here think its unfair for dial-uppers to play against cablers so they restrict the entrance ping..

Yes Quake2 is what I was refering to, i heard there is some proggys to automatically set your desired ping e.g 120 or whatever

05-15-00, 06:13 PM
Well in Half-Life there is a fakelag command. Or try dling a file in the background . . Or find a good server that provides a fair fight, http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/biggrin.gif


05-15-00, 10:09 PM
In Half-Life, use the fakelag command. Type in fakelag, then the number you wish to increase your ping by. There is also the fakeloss command, which simulates packet loss. Type in fakeloss, then the percentage of packet loss you want (fakeloss 10, for example).

In Unreal Tournament, add this to your shortcut command line "UnrealTournament.exe pktlag=100" where 100 is the number you wish to add to your ping.