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02-05-10, 10:59 PM
We're looking at getting rid of the Malibu.

Budget is kind of tight, So the Kias seem like a good option.
We test drove an 08 Spectra 5, earlier today.
The one we looked at was a 5spd :D.
And it had pretty low miles. (12k)

What do you guys think?

02-05-10, 11:22 PM
check Hyundai they are cheap and very good cars

02-06-10, 07:28 AM
What do you guys think?

Some nice cars.
The Kias in the US market are actually made at a plant in Georgia, so you're supporting US jobs.
Exceptional warranty
They have a pretty aggressive financing package

Kia is related to Hyundai.
Early on they had bad raps for poor quality, but both brands have undergone substantial overhauls and quality control over recent years. And Kia is getting great ratings in various car "customer satisfaction/reliability" surveys.

Last year I decided to get rid of the wifes Pontiac Grand Am, I wanted to get her a mini sport ute, but budget wise with things going on, didn't feel like dumping 30 grand. She was all about a Nissan Murano. Yeah...hah...get your real estate moving a bit more honey...maybe in a few years. After much shopping, looking, and research....got her a Kia Sportage Sport V6. I was comfortable with the quality of it. And dang, that V6 is spunky..it has some nut.

High safety ratings too...something to think about since you have a little one. Since it's a 4 door sport ute, dealing with the child seat is easy.

Being down south, you probably don't need 4wd...they do have 2wd models, and they do have 4 cyl models.

Kias financing, you may come out ahead getting a lower % loan on a new leftover model, than getting a loan on a used 2 year old model. It's all about the monthly payment combined with the total interest at the end of the term.;)

02-06-10, 04:29 PM
Well I have pretty horrible credit.

The Swift thing kinda screwed me.
I leased a Truck, and I had to return it, since they were unable to keep me moving.

So...I have a 92k Truck on my Credit, well they may have changed the amount.
They said they would change it once the truck gets re-leased.
He was wanting to settle with me for 8k.
for the record, Credit Collectors just have to be the SCUM OF THE EARTH :D :P

On top of that I'm having issues with the Malibu.
Which is where the 'new' car comes in.

The Spectra5 was an 08 with 12k Miles for like $10k.
They ran the credit and we would actually end up with a lower payment then the Malibu.