View Full Version : Help! How can I rdeuce my ping?

05-12-00, 07:52 PM
I just got a cable modem (@Home), but my ping sometimes averages 200-300 which I know is very poor for a cable modem. Does anybody know how I can reduce my ping/latency? (By the way, the game is CounterStrike and TFC)

05-13-00, 10:33 AM
Download some of SpeedGuide.net's speed patches or use the tweaks. They worked fine for my dsl!

-BuggY (NoOneBeatsTheBest!)

05-18-00, 07:41 PM
my ping is crap and i'm on cable. I've done the tweaks on my 98 box at home and my Win2k box at work. i'm getting ave 365 to msn gaming zone and similar when using gamespy for unreal. At msn gaming zone it even says my latency is N/A. My d/l speeds are higher than ever since the tweaks to both boxes, but haven't helped w/ my lag. Any suggestions, settings to check?

05-20-00, 06:48 PM
What you people with ****** cables should do is contact everyone on your isp that has this problem and write the attorney general. And make him do something. Its ******** everyone i know who has rr , says it sucks, and it does it blows.

I am happy i am not on it. But i am afraid after a while with all these lame optimum online commercials in the 3 states its now avaliable my ping and pl will go high.

As it is during peak times my ping goes up about 40ms