View Full Version : What the hell is this???

05-20-00, 05:52 AM
Since about 15 hours, BlackICE reports around 2-5 UDP Port Probes a second. The strange thing is, that the origin of the probes is different every time. From people all over the world (I saw a nice collection of domains in the attackers list). What in the world could that be? I am not running Napster, Gnutella, ICQ or ANYTHING like that, and it still happens. Even after I went to bed for a couple of hours. It seems to me that either
- a hacker is spoofing his IP and is trying to piss me off or
- someone published my IP somewhere and asked all people to try an UDP port probe.

However, both alternatives do not make any sense to me. LUCKILY @home in the NL still works if you increase the IP by one (thus, basically lets you choose your own IP http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/wink.gif ). So I'll try to keep this, "increased" IP for a while, and see if it stops...

But, the question is: Does anyone have the slightes clue as to what's going on???


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