View Full Version : Better programs than Sygate?

05-17-00, 07:49 AM
Can anyone give me some recommendations on more robust sharing/security packages other than Sybergen Sygate? It's a pretty simple package and works great, but I'd like more options to it. (dumped my Linksys Router until they fix the corrupt packet problem).

Also, if I have a static IP, how would I set this in Sygate? Would I set the IP through the TCP/IP settings for the NIC that connects to the DSL/Cable Modem? (Network > TCP/IP properties > IP Address tab)


05-17-00, 11:09 PM
Sygate sucks. Use Winroute. Wingate sucks also, don't use it either. Winroute rocks - you won't regret it. Rock solid NAT, never crashes. My winroute firewall has been up for months.
www.winroute.com (http://www.winroute.com)


05-18-00, 08:53 AM
Hiya again Dirk,
I checked out Winroute yesterday, and from the looks of it, it looks to be a great program. Much more configurable than Sygate.

Question, do you have individual firewall/security packages installed for each of the computers in your home network, or do you just have Winroute taking care of all that? I'm wondering if I should install products like Secure Desktop, etc.