View Full Version : Winroute and Hotline

02-26-00, 08:04 PM
I realized that I needed a firewall to protect my computer and the other networked one I have. Winroute Pro worked perfect, no proxy settings! Then I attempted to put a Hotline Server up again (www.hotlinesw.com) and after mapping the ports, people could connect to my server but could not download or see my banner. I called Winroute tech support (really knowledgeable). I found that downloading occurs on a different port from the server connection port. In fact, the download port constantly changes with every user, so I got pissed off and opened just about every port above 3000 open. No it works great and I am more secure than without a firewall, but I still don't have the full capabilities of the firewall in use. Anyone know the specific ports for this? Thanks