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02-23-00, 03:09 AM
i installed black ice to see what kind of scans i was getting and found out as long as i have file and print sharing disabled and no one nows my subnet mask they cant get into my pc so i tried to unistall it and it crashed my pc causing me to reformat!what a ****** program i wouldnt recomend it to my worst enemy
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02-23-00, 07:37 AM
There are SPECIFIC UNINSTALL instructions at the BlackIce website. Try reading up on the product! Search through their KB & FAQ. Reformatting due to a buggy uninstall is a bit drastic, don't you think?

And..even if file & print sharing is disabled & you are networked using MSClient(network neighborhood) there is still a risk of your box being violated. Don't believe me? Post your IP here. There are some folks here that would love the challange!





02-23-00, 09:30 AM

Maybe I'm missing something..so you paid your money and downloaded a fine product. Decided that it wasn't worth it and flushed 40 bucks down the head.

Or......was it a freebie?....if so then why are you complaining?

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02-24-00, 02:40 AM
i would never pay money for such a hazardous product.who needs it if u have file and print sharing disabled.it was just a shareware 45 day trial.

02-24-00, 03:10 AM
Where did you get a 45 day trial of BlackIce? AFAIK, there is no demo or trial version of BlackIce. You gotta buy it, to try it http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif

02-24-00, 06:01 AM
For the 45 day trial see the security forum. I posted the link there the other day.

02-24-00, 05:01 PM
What OS are you using??? If it is Windows 2000, you need to get their beta driver. It works fine for me, no problems yet, except the damn attacks from losers. http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/wink.gif