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02-21-00, 09:34 PM
Just as a FYI....

Careful what you perceive as an "attack". Close to 80% of what BlackIce reports is merely informational (Especially if you have the Paranoid setting enabled). TCP/UDP/ARP/RPC port probes can come from a host of sources. Some are: UDP port probe(Most likely the game server your playing on is ACK'ing your packets. This is good): TCP Port probe might be the FTP server you just requested a file from. Maybe some one mistyped an address to log into PCAnywhere at their office. Crap like this will fill your logs, but it doesn't mean someone is attacking your machine.

Things to look out for is stuff like. Sscan probes, BackOrifice pings and Trojan Horse Probes. Or the same address probing several different ports in a short period of time.

The reason I wrote this is because I see alot of people posting they are "reporting" people for acts which may not be attacks on your machine. Remember "Tis better to be the fool with your mouth shut than open it and remove all doubt." I don't know who said it, or the exact wording but you get the idea.

Secondly now that I have your attention. I think I may have found a bug (minor one) that blackice has. If you change your network settings (i.e. ip, gateway, mask, workgroup), when windows trys to reboot, BlackIce crashes. Can a couple of you verify this so I can post it to there site? You can work around it buy closing BlackIce before you make the changes.

Oops, Sorry Philip et all. This really should have been posted in the Computer/Security forum but more readers will be exposed to it here.

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02-21-00, 11:29 PM
Hummmmm....I changed my ethernet card a couple of weeks ago and reset all my network settings a couple of times to test a few things. I didn't seem to have any problems.

I had another problem with it when I logged off sometimes. I would get a blue screen..no big deal and if I remember correctly,Ice Network knew about this one. Since the update I've had no problems at all.


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02-22-00, 08:00 AM
Has anyone noticed a slower response time, when putting the system on stand by (sleep)

I have 192MB Ram, and usually, It turns immed off, Now it tends to wait about 20 sec.

Also: Will Black Ice Scan while system is in stand by?

02-22-00, 09:23 AM
What is the current version of black ice?

02-22-00, 12:58 PM
Where can I get black ice, I'd like to try it out.

02-22-00, 02:53 PM
Re: sleep &* BID.

Exit BlaclIceDef by rt clicking on the icon in system tray & then cntrl-alt-del & end task on Blackd. That completely shuts it down. No need to worry about standby hackin cause I think all ports close up when in standby. Incoming ones at least. on a network WakeOnLan must be enabled to get into a sleeping box.

02-22-00, 03:00 PM
The current version of BlackIce is 1.9.14 (at least it was a few days ago, I haven't checked the site recently).

There is no shareware version of the program.
http://www.networkice.com/ is the URL to the site.