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04-29-00, 07:51 PM
Does anyone know of a firewall that works with win2k (windows 2000)? Not meaning Zonealarm!!

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Noir Pouvoir
04-29-00, 11:37 PM
I myself would like an answer to that question?

HMS White Star
04-30-00, 05:15 PM
Actually Win 2K has a built in firewall, don't ask me details I don't have it (yet).

Noir Pouvoir
05-01-00, 02:07 AM
Yes I,m aware of that but as mentioned before I would like to find a better put together wall like a Conseal or a Checkpoint just to name a few. Microsofts packet filtering mod if you,ve ever used it and I do at this time does not have all the bells and whistles of a second party version.

Noir Pouvoir
05-01-00, 02:08 AM
Double vision fix!

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05-02-00, 10:04 AM
Blackice Defender has a version for WIN 2000.

Check it out..

05-27-00, 05:25 AM
I have been looking for a good firewall for win2k too! and i found it!
Norton Personal Firewall 2000
its still in preview phase bug i havent found any bugs in it, and it works great! http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif
get it here for free http://www.symantec.com/sabu/nis/beta/

It uses technology from AtGuard and Conceal Firewall i think. Anyway have fun with it, its great!


06-01-00, 09:32 AM
I am currently using WinRoute Pro 4.1

Excellent Product and Good Reviews.

Newest version also supports PPOE

06-02-00, 06:57 AM
What is winroute pro? I thought it was a some sort of proxy software? Or is it not just proxy software. :?


06-05-00, 09:33 PM

Ya...I use ZoneAlarm(newest version) and BlackIce Defender in W2k and as far as I can see things look good...

Let me know if someone has similar setup????