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cable crip
04-26-00, 08:20 PM
i've got blackice but wondering to what it exactly does. i mean when it does catch someone what happens? does it automatically block what's going through or does it just show you what's happening? thanks in advance.

04-27-00, 03:07 AM
That depends on the version of BlackICE that you have. I have the Defender version, and it does show me what's going on, it protects my ports from unsolicited inbound traffic (thus data sent to your computer without your computer asking for it...), and it also has an auto-ban feature. It also backtraces a bit of information about the hacker (IPname lookup, for example), and write all the data, including parameter's used for the attack, into a nice logfile.

However, if you've got the free version from NetworkICE's site, your version will only monitor traffic, but not protect your ports or completely block intruders if you ban them.


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04-27-00, 09:57 AM
Where can one get "BlackICE"?

cable crip
04-27-00, 04:50 PM
how can i tell if i've got the regular blackice or the blackice defender?

04-27-00, 05:31 PM
Chass: To get BlackIce - www.networkice.com (http://www.networkice.com)

cable crip: BlackIce Defender cost $$. So now you know if you got it or not...assumes you didn't get it otherwise.