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02-16-00, 04:52 PM
I'm running Conseal Private Desktop, and a few times a day I am having port 119 probed by the same IP from within the @Home network (same IP all the time, not the same IP as mine obviously). The address resolves to
ops-scan.home.net, so it's not the typical type of resolved name that I see with @Home customers, which makes me think it's actually @Home doing it. My only question is what program or service would typically run through port 119? Anyone know? The fact that it's blocked by ConSeal doesn't seem to make anything not work, I'm just curious. -s

02-17-00, 04:35 AM
actually it is @home scanning your ports.
the reason they do this is to see if youre running an ftp server,which is not allowed.

02-17-00, 12:53 PM
But why only port 119? That's not the standard port for ftp, that would be port 21, right? It would make a lot more sense for them to scan the most often used port if they are just going to scan one port for FTP. I'm sure it has to do with something along those lines though. -s

02-17-00, 01:23 PM
OK, nevermind, I see the other post on the main cable forum about the @Home port scanning. Sure would be great if the right posts were posted to the right boards though. Not much sense having specific boards if everything goes to the general board. Sigh. It's my own fault for not taking the time to search the forums though. Peace all. -s

02-17-00, 06:53 PM

119/tcp nntp Network News TransferProtocol

I have noticed the ops-scan too. Do you use the newsgroups much. I have noticed that out of my friends the only people who get scanned are the ones that use the newsgroups. So that could be the reason for the nntp scan. To see if anyone has set up a news server...I guees.


02-17-00, 07:43 PM
Haven't used newsgroups in forever. And when I do I use dejanews to weed out the fluff. Makes sense though. Thanks for help.

02-18-00, 08:32 AM
@home is on probation for newsgroup abuse. Its how they are looking for people abusing the system.
If they don't get it cleaned up, so long binary sound files and other great stuff.