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04-22-00, 10:18 PM
My mother refuses to learn how to do anything new on her computer...
Instead of going over and doing it for her, I'd love to use PC Anywhere, Back Orifice, or some other type program. I'm worried about all the PC Anywhere pings and Back Orifice pings that Black Ice detects. If I have one of these type programs, would Black Ice still block those intrusion attempts?


04-23-00, 10:25 AM
Good question. Same prob here. I have looked at PCAnywhere for remote sys setup, maintenance. I would much rather hook up to someone's machine and do in 5 min what it takes 2 painful hrs to do over phn walk-thru.

Is anyone currently using PCAnywhere? Is it really a good option for installing Win98/95 user's software, upgrades, and doing sys troubleshooting and hard drive maintenance? What configuration and security considerations are involved? I use BlackIce and ZoneAlarm. Have cruised the PCAnywhere site, but didn't get a clear picture.

Give me an example of how you use it and what security tweaks are required. thanx

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04-25-00, 12:14 PM
Actually, I'm wondering if I have PC Anywhere, BO, or any other program of that type, will someone else with the same be able to access my system?


04-25-00, 02:33 PM
Barb, go to www.networkice.com/Advice (http://www.networkice.com/Advice) (BlackIce)
then go to the "intrusions" section. There should be some good info on PC Anywhere...I've read it before...don't rember the details.

Just went there. It's item 2001507

Not sure it answers your ?, but I didn't click on all the links in the article.

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04-25-00, 08:36 PM
Thanks chacmool, don't know why I didn't check there before....must have been having a blonde moment <g>

It says setting BI to paranoid mode will 'usually' block them. Hmmm maybe I'll stick with the long phone calls and icq messages.


04-25-00, 11:35 PM
Back Orifice doesn't block PC Anywhere, I don't know about Black Ice, but you can alwayas disable it. I doubt that it will interfere, it protects you from the Web, not from telephone lines access. She can receive fax, can't she?

04-28-00, 05:47 PM
HERE (http://www.intel.com)