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04-19-00, 06:26 PM
I am a bit concern about Win98SE or IE 5 saving my passwords( don't know which one does it). There are many different web sites that I visit that require to log on. Most of them allow you to check this box 'Remember my password' and so I was wondering, where are those passwords stored and is it easy for a hacker to get them? I understand that there are hackers that can hack anything so there is my answer, but still I wonder.
The thing is that I have two computers, one is a 'server' connecting via DSL, with no important data on it, and another is my serious machine with some stuff that I'd like to keep private, but I sometimes use it to connect (via dial-up) to my bank or broker.

04-20-00, 09:39 AM
I don't know where they "go", but it's IE5.

On the browser go to Tools/Internet Options, click on the "content" tab...go to the Personal Information section & click on the "AutoComplete..." button. You will see various settings/options you can select.

That's as far as I can go. Hope it helps.

04-20-00, 02:52 PM
Thanks chacmool!
Now at least I know that all that info is stored somewhere on my HDD, still I wonder, how easy it would be for a hacker to get my passwords....

04-20-00, 03:32 PM
hey there,

afaik, the passwords are saved in the *.pwl files in your \windows\ directory...

(not sure on this one though)


04-20-00, 04:35 PM
If your concerned, AND you should be if your on xDSL or cable (vs. dialup), I'd get a firewall program.

See the post on this forum entitled " Watch out!!@tech boys will nuke your mobem". It's long but has some interesting feedback on some security software that's out there.