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04-17-00, 12:37 AM
If you are running Front Page webserver make sure you either disable it or set a password on it! If you ever installed Front Page its possible that the webserver could be running on your system now. By default the webserver for fp98 allowed anyone to connect to it through a web browser and access just about everything on your computer. Its the absolute easiest way for someone to "hack" your computer.

I kinda though everyone knew to set a password if you had to run front page's server, but obviously not... one of the guys from my work had once used front page on his machine and had some little personal web page running from his cablemodem connected home pc - everything was fine untill one day last week when he noticed that all the pictures of himself on his webpage had been replaced with ponographic pictures of gay men. He also noticed (somewhere on his computer) that there was a note left for him... some kind of joking threat that his hdd would be formatted if he did not comply to some stupid request that the intruder had made.

I just thought it was worth posting here just incase any of you have used fp98 and might be running that webserver application without proper password protection. thanks for reading.