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Gary Lawhon
01-30-00, 11:23 PM
DSL is the %$#&, but I'm having quite the dificulty getting my two puters to work at the same time, and at the same speed. I'm using a 3Com hub, and everything is networked great, but I'm lost when it comes to proxys and nics, nats etc, that I've read about here. I would be totally greatful if someone, anyone, would e-mail me with some "kindergarden" language on how and what to do. If anyone has questions about Cell phones or Audio Visual stuff, that's where my expertise is. I would love to trade knowledge for knowledge.



01-31-00, 09:34 AM
There are several different ways to go about setting up a LAN(Local Access Network) in your home. Depending on how you go about it, will depend on how easy or difficult it is to set-up. I suggest surfing over to http://www.hardwarecentral.com/ and checking out their tutorials on LAN's and stuff. That should give you the skinny on how to go about it.

01-31-00, 09:57 AM
It sound like you are already networked. To share the modem you will need one computer with 2 NIC cards to be the server. There are lots of modem sharing programs around and the easiest one I found is Allaboard (you can download it at tucows.com) it cost around $40 US but it's simple to use and I did not see any change in speed when both are aurf at the same time.

01-31-00, 02:30 PM
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02-01-00, 11:56 PM
I setup NT server 4.0 with MS Proxy Server and 2 NICs. The DSL modem connects to one NIC (the public side) and the other NIC is connected to a Cabletron hub (the private side) I have 2 Windoze 98 machines and a 2000 Advanced Server all on the home LAN and it runs great. Proxy Server handles the address translation and Black Ice handles the hackerz. NATing (Network Address Translation) is mostly handled by routers these days. Although my brother uses Wingate quite successfully on his cable modem LAN. Unless you have 2 IP's assigned to you by your ISP you will need some type of proxy.