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04-11-00, 08:01 PM
I use Zonealarm as a software firewall, and personally i think it works great even in the not fuclly secure mode. I am using win 98 se and ics. For days I could not host a hotline server, or recieve files through aim or icq. I turned of the firewall and even closed it, but still no transfers. So I disabled ics and wala, it works. Why is this? I don't want to deal with wingate or winroute, ics in theory works fine for me, but why is it securing the ports to recieve files on my computer or host a server. Please help

04-16-00, 02:22 AM
I don't think ZA supports ICS or any kind of internet sharing. I think it's designed for a single computer connected to a single connection. If you run ICS, the machines on the inside of your network are fairly safe from what I understand. The only machine that is still open to the world is the ICS machine that is translating your local (bogus non-internet) addresses to the wan adapter.

04-16-00, 05:43 PM
9. Does ZoneAlarm 2.0 support Internet Connection Sharing or NAT setups?

ZoneAlarm does work with ICS that runs on the same computer. These include Internet Connection Sharing on Windows 98SE and Windows 2000 as well as proxy software. ZoneAlarm installed on a computer with NAT software does not work, ZoneAlarm works perfectly well on computers using NAT addresses.

If you install ZoneAlarm on the ICS computer, set the Security level to medium. ZoneAlarm will still provide application control to the computer running ICS, but not protect the network. You can then install ZoneAlarm on the other computers and all the features will work properly. Alternatively you can add your computers IP addresses to the trusted local Zone on the ICS machine, and leave the local security level to medium or low, and it should work fine.

10. How do I make ICQ work?

You can get ICQ to work by setting the Internet security level to medium, and by assigning ICQ server privileges in the programs panel We are currently working on getting the high security level to work with ICQ.

This problem also affected a large number of UDP-oriented programs, such as Network Time Protocol, SMTP, and many games.
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