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03-28-00, 02:46 PM
The best protection is to NOT have file & print sharing enabled if you have a home network. If you don't have a home network then definately remove the client for MSNetworking via the network icon in control panel.(shows up as network neighborhood on desktop) note: removing this will cause windows to not save your password for DUN if you use a dial up modem.

Next, make sure you have NO trojans by using a good anti-virus program. Script kiddies & crackers that scan your ports for trojans can't get access if you don't have a trojan on your system.

Next, don't store any sensitive data on your hard drive! ie. credit card #'s, personal private info, pictures of wife in shower etc.
Keep them on removable media.

BlackIceDef is good cause it will tell you who is trying to get access & how they are trying to do that. It will then block the port being scanned.

ZoneAlarm is a good freeware firewall that is easy to set up & it does a nice job as well.

Unless you are using your box for work & deal w/ lot's of secure data then you don't really need a top of the line firewall, software or hardware type.

Research by visiting the websites of firewall makers & decide what you want to get.

Bottom line is if a cracker really wants to get into your system, no firewall is gonna prevent him. The real pros can do it easily. And the rest are dependant upon a trojan being installed on your system.

Start here at bottom of page:
HERE (http://www.speedguide.net/Cable_modems/cable_links.shtml)

BID (http://www.networkice.com/)

ZA (http://www.zonelabs.com/zonealarm.htm)

The Cleaner(fastest trojan scanning product & prob the best)
TrojanScanSoftware (http://www.moosoft.com)

Then when you are finished go & check out THIS SITE'S BOARDS (http://www.speedcorp.net)

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03-28-00, 11:01 PM
What utility available is the best product for home protection? i.e. BlackIce vs. NetWatcher vs. etc. etc. (King and I)

Please provide justification, not, "I use it therefore it is the best!"

03-31-00, 11:39 PM
Check it out for yourself. there is a site called hacker whacker\
(http://www.hackerwhacker.com). they have a 'bot that will try to access your 'puter, and let you know if there are any security breaches. I tried with Zone Alarm running, and they couldn't even find my 'puter after I gave them the IP address. When I shut down Zone Alarm, they even had my passwords.