View Full Version : Sharing cable on phone line network

01-21-00, 08:43 PM
I have the Actiontec Actionlink home networking kit that networks my two pcs through phone lines. The software they provide (DynaNAT) does support cable modems and dialups. But here is the problem. My cable modem provider is working on their service and right now i have to dialup to activate use my cable modem. I don't know whether to use the dialup feature or the cable modem feature. I tried both but I still can't share the connection. I cannot share internet access unless I use a proxy server which is not what i want to use. Can someone please help me.

01-25-00, 07:24 PM
Forget the phone line kits, go for a 10 or 100mb lan, they are so much better, then get Winroute for your NAT. I have this config and it works really well.