View Full Version : BlackIceDefender net sharing problems

01-20-00, 11:32 PM
The other pc on my network is disabled from connecting to the net after installing BlackICE Defender 1.9.6

I know that might sound a bit odd but i noticed it right after i installed it. So i removed BlackIce and the other pc had net access. (All without rebooting) I thought it was strange so i installed BlackIce again and sure enough - the other pc cant send mail, browse or get on icq.

Im using win98se ICS.

Did anyone run into that problem?

01-21-00, 05:33 PM
Need to know exactly how your network is set up. That will help in trying to figure out how to get it to work.
lemme ask you this though, After the install, when you tried to access from the other pc, Did blackice show that pc as an intruder, or not at all ?

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01-22-00, 11:12 PM
If you add the IP of the client computer to Blackice Trusted Addresses Tab, then your second PC will have net access, but I guess that would only work if you have manually entered an IP on the second PC such as
Not sure how you would do it if your using DHCP to setup the second PC.