View Full Version : setting up a WAN thru two cable modems

01-15-00, 08:04 PM
I have been trying to setup a WAN or VPN with a good budy of mine in MI, but have been running into one hell of a roadblock.

We both have boxes with Win98SE. We both have functioning local LANs in-house. We have tried setting up VPN, but it keeps trying to dial through a modem (which neither one of us have). I have tried binding TCP/IP with Client for MSNetworking, and sharing all files with the TCP/IP. I have tried LMHOSTS command. While I can PING him successfully (using either IP address or computer name), I cannot get to "see" him in Network Neighborhood.

If anyone has any suggestions, please leave detailed explanation of what to do, so that others (who I know have the same question) can follow along.

Kindest Regards,