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Fade Ruatha
01-05-00, 10:26 AM
I am currently using Syshield on a home based LAN running Sygate. File and print sharing are both enabled and Shields Up! shows closed/stealth ports. I have noticed something odd whenever I change my security settings in Syshield to "High" or "Ultra High" I notice nightly scans of my ports. When I leave Syshield on my default setting of "medium" I virtually never get scanned! (or appear to get scanned).

My question is this: Has anyone else using these security solutions noticed activity like this? Are syshield/black ice acting as a beacon for the less than savory riff-raff out there?

01-08-00, 12:31 AM
Its Possiable since all the warez groups are carrying BlackIce someone could have hacked the source code and found a way to locate MAC# numbers,which BlackIce can record, Now since I do not allow any sharing onmy system that closes my netbios ports, and I dont have any Idea Syshield's problem I would Suggest you contact the company " If the program Is not Pirated" and talk to them about your problem

My 2 cents hoped it helped If not....

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