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12-28-99, 03:03 AM
ok, my adsl provider (telus) gives me two IP addresses for free.
i got 1 nic for each computer
and connect both of them to my hub (soho 5port)
the networking works fine and really fast.
i connect my adsl modem to the hub's uplink slot as said in the instructions manual.
now both of my computers have internet access.

the problem is that when i got the adsl line connected to the uplink slot. everything goes thru the adsl modem to the gateway and back to the modem to the other computer.. i want it to just go thru the hub and to the nic on the other computer. Please help me to work this out.

for example
i start a half-life server on 1 of the computer. i connect thru lan from the other computer, i get 70 ping because it connects to the adsl modem and to the dsl gateway first. but i unplug the adsl line off the hub. i get 15 ping. only going thru the hub to the other computer's nic.

i want it to have internet access and fast lan at the same time. is there a way i can make it work?

01-07-00, 03:53 PM
Ever think about using a Proxy Server scheme? You could use one of your IP addresses on another NIC that connects to the modem. In that machine you would run a product like WinProxy 3.0 (has a firewall and proxy server in one). Then your two machines would be on your internal network with different IP addresses. It works well for me.

01-27-00, 10:22 PM
If you want faster internet access, forget about networking the 2 computers. Just use your hub as a splitter. This is what I have done at my home. Look in your hub documentation on how to set this up. It is much much faster this way!! You need 2 IP adresses for this but you got'em!!