View Full Version : Do Cable companies monitor your movements?

BHN eva
12-26-99, 09:17 PM
I sometimes visit mp3 and movie newsgroups, and I was wondering.... Does my cable company monitor these newsgroup movements? If so, then I probably won't ever visit them again because I don't want to get busted by the FBI for downloading The Who's "Baba O'Riley". Also, if they don't usually monitor my movements, do they have the ABILITY to monitor them?

12-27-99, 01:59 AM

As long as you are requesting data through your ISPs router then they can monitor you. They can see where your packets are going and even what is inside them if they are not encypted. But their monitoring would take alot of man hours that are just not profitable. Your ISP won't waste money to make the FBI happy. The only reason an ISP will monitor you is if your are hogging bandwidth. I wouldn't worry about the FBI just yet.


BHN eva
12-27-99, 07:11 AM
Thanks for the info, Blades. I'm sort of new to this whole mp3 and movie downloads thing (my friend introduced me to it once i got cable). I still don't d/l that many because I'm still paranoid about it. but thanks!

12-28-99, 01:30 AM
Just dont cause any international problems
and dont hack anyone and nobody will care

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01-03-00, 03:55 AM
Well If you really want to surf anonymously
and have all your packets to the web encrypted so the Cable Company cant watch what you do then go and purchase the software at www.freedom.net. (http://www.freedom.net.) Believe me it works.