View Full Version : Do Routers add security?

07-16-00, 10:29 AM
If you are already running a software firewall but are sharing a DSL line would a router add any security?

07-24-00, 01:19 PM
Only If the Router has software you can add onor built in to it or in the case of Linksys Cabel/DSL router is firmware, so it already has the firewall hard coded in

07-26-00, 05:34 PM
So you are saying the nature of routers is to have security built into them then.

07-27-00, 05:38 AM
I'm guessing you're running behind NAT. If so, then you are adding an intermediate layer of security. Nothing that will stop or even seriously slow someone who knows what they're doing, but which will keep out the wannabes and most of he skript-kiddie types.


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07-27-00, 08:08 AM
What are my options which will increase security other than NAT?

07-27-00, 11:02 PM
You could invest in some sort of Retail or Commercial firewall either Hardware or Software based.

If your Win32 API Programming is up to skills,you can in Theory modifiy the Windows kernel and other parts of the Microsoft Windows OS, remember that is only Theory, to add to its security, If your running another OS aka Linux or Mac OS This can apply also those operating systems.

Good luck