View Full Version : Best choice for broadband security program?

07-10-00, 05:59 PM
Hello all...What is the best broadband security program out there? How do you feel about Zone Alarm?

Dave C.

07-14-00, 09:33 AM

There are so many different versions of firewalls out there. I would say check out NetworkICE's BlackICE defender for network intrusion. This is a really great utility to monitor local traffic and log each and every suspicious packet. ZoneAlarm is a nice firewall. It keeps you machine in a stealth mode. Stealthing a system is like having it turned off. A scan or a targeted scan to your pc will not return any response. This is great since the scannee will then proceed to the next. The best thing about ZoneAlarm, FREE!! There are so many others that are great too. But for the money and since it's a personal computer, go with these.


07-15-00, 08:12 AM
There r a couple that r nice...
The best is offcourse if u combine some appz. But it suckz up system resources, so u decide. I use Black Ice myself (u can down it at my site), I've used Lockdown 2000, but it really sucked. Well, it's pretty good, but its annoying u when windoze change something in the registry or something. U get crazy, so I deleted it.



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07-15-00, 07:09 PM
I stopped using blackice when I discovered that they send info thru the backdoor to their server without your knowledge..sorta hard to trust them after that. In addition, blackice will crash and fail to protect you and you wont even know it. If you want a software firewall that can be controlled from every angle, is reliabale and blocks www ads as well, I suggest Norton Internet Security (NIS), formerly Atguard. McAffee Firewall (formerly conseal pc firewall) is also a top choice. While zonealarm is more relaible than blackice and not a rip off (compared to blackice at $50.00 lol) I still dont like its method of operation..it sorta a sloppy way of blocking packekts. Take a look at whats happening in the regestry during operation as compared to NIS or McAffee. You decide =]