View Full Version : HELP! Ports 67 & 69 OPEN!

07-08-00, 02:37 AM
I have dsl with a hardware router installed. The tests showed ports 67 & 69 as OPEN. I called the MFR. of the router and swear those ports are definitely closed and that those readings are false.
Well I got zone alarm installed on the PC. I am having two problems however I was hopin you or someone would help me with.

1.I get constant messages saying: "The firewall has blocked local access to 192.168.1.xxx (netbios datagram) from your computer". (the IP address is the one assigned to Virtual PC by the Router. I have already entered that address as okay in Zone alarm but didn't help)

2. My router is still showing that ports 67 (boottps) and 69 (tftp) are OPEN. even with zone alarm installed!