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Noir Pouvoir
03-10-00, 03:33 AM
Now @home are telling us that now they are free to scan our ports...(somehow I already knew that it was just a matter of time)no more hiding this fact..Is $40 bucks worth the infringement..HMMMMMMM well maybe!! Yeah it is?.. Back orifice pings, NNTP port probes,and more exploits to come in the future. Whats next? I,ll tell you whats next it,s time to block up all your ports from them!!Oh so many ports so many ports that,s the good thing about TCP/IP, let them block all the common ones we still have many more to choose from Screw, em !

03-10-00, 07:45 PM
Ah, so you're getting them too, eh? I'm making it a point to e-mail abuse@home.com with that portion of my log duplicated several hundred times. They are beginning to piss me off to no end. Before, it was ops-scan.home.net. Since people began complaining, it has since been renamed to what you put for the title to this thread. I say anyone receiving these scans begin contacting some investigative reporters in the city you live. Enough bad press will push most to either fess up to what they're doing and explain themselves, or to quietly retreat to a corner and cower in fear.


Noir Pouvoir
03-11-00, 05:17 PM
Well I thought since no one brought it up that I was the only one being probed with the CDC,s wares.. not so! Maybe there is more to this than just probing @Home suscribers machines, I guess time will tell. I also sent all my logs to abuse@home so far not one e-mail reply...still waiting..

03-12-00, 08:49 PM
It is amazing how they have time to scan the ports of @Home subscribers and they seem to take a hell of a long time to make their service go faster. =(

03-13-00, 08:44 AM
Port scanning can be accomplished by running a simple timed script. Nothing more, no need from human intervention =)


03-29-00, 05:14 PM
Back Orifice was created by the CDC (Cult of the Dead Cow), a hacker group. As this type of scan is only used to detect the trojan Back Orifice on a system in an attempt to activate the program, I am highly reluctant to believe that a company would do such. Spoofed IPs are not uncommon in IT crimes.

03-31-00, 08:34 AM
We've been through this before...

@Home, in fact all of the cable companies DO have a legal right to make sure THEIR CABLE and THEIR EQUIPMENT is not being used for BO attacks, Spam generators and DoS zombie systems. The least intrusive way to do so, is to simply check to see if YOU are running BO or the BO client on your machine, if you have the NNTP ports open or have some sort of zombie trojan on your system.

The other option, is to actively scan all packets on the router firewall. Which WILL slow down your speeds to a crawl. So would you prefer the occiasional scan, or a massive systemwide permanent slowdown? Which is it? There is no third choice.

The fact of the matter is, most folks are not as savvy as the people here, so @home and the other companies HAVE to check, because these folks will blindly leave their systems vulnerable, putting @home and the other services in a liability bind. As in, they can get sued or lose newsgroup access because of their ignorant users. Can you honestly blame them for trying to prevent this in a minimally intrusive fashion that 90% of their users have no idea is occuring?

You wanna blame anyone, blame the users who download warez and end up with a BO trojan installed, or leave their NNTP ports open, or generally don't do one thing to secure their systems yet demand their privacy.

Expect these periodic scans to continue. Forever, and ever, and ever. Or as long as new people are joining the service.

Whichever comes first.


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