View Full Version : Blackice 2.1 Problems..

06-10-00, 08:14 PM

Just installed the Very latest Blackice 2.1 update.After install ,I can connect to the net,but dont receive any data, ie web browser just sits at "waiting for reply" - disable Bi and all is Fine.
I am using a cable modem , Nat32 with one Nic installed.Tried entering the line in the
Blackice.ini to bypass the nic , but that just messes the nat software up.
Any ideas anyone?
Thanks In Advance..

06-14-00, 07:55 AM
Try enabling NETBIOS under Black ICE and also check NAT32 Port Mappings in case.

I Use WinRoute (NAT Product) without any problems on any PC in my LAN....

06-29-00, 05:21 PM
Hi Teddystacker,

I have had good results in dealing directly with BlackIce tech supp via email. Usually hear back within a few hours to a day (but no promises here). Have you checked with them?

For fastest, most effective resolution send a note to them according to these instructions: http://www.networkice.com/html/tech_support.html

Good luck.