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02-29-00, 09:29 PM
Ok experts, how 'bout some advice for the rookie. I got the cable service through a local ISP (Click Network, in Tacoma, WA). Love the speeds and all but I am a little worried about the security after reading this board and others. I've been to all the security sites and read the bad news.

I downloaded the Norton Internet Security software and like the interface but want to make sure it is the best product out there since it is kinda spendy. I also like the fact that it doesn't seem to slow down my download speeds at any of the bandwidth test sites.

Is this for real? Could it be that a large company like Symantec actually published a product that works as well as this seems to without any bugs? Is it really secure?

If the answers to all these questions is "yes", then why should I consider some of the other products out there? How could they be any better?

I'm sure some of you can help me out.

My system:
P2 - 400
96 MB Ram
10 Gig HD
Toshiba PCX1000 Modem
Running Win98SE

03-01-00, 11:57 PM
I actually Went out and bought Norton, BlackIce and got Zonealarm for FREE .. after trying all of them I decided That Running BlackIce Was The Clear Favorite For My System Over Nortons Product, Which Is A Fine Product I just didnt Need To Have It in the Long run.. Now I decided That Runniing ZoneAlram In Conjunction With ANY firewall software is a Good Idea..

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03-09-00, 04:42 PM
I found that in some of the build's of blackice and norton they did not address ports 113, 178, 2344, 54667, and 64506 Zonealarm does address these ports it also give's you complete control which programs you would like to access the Intenet, (for example if you think you might have a Trojan horse that sends out Info remotley Zonealarm will ask you if you would like to give this program internet access) and so on..

You Do Not Know The True Power Of The DarkSide
"Quoted By ExarKun From Dark Lords Of The Sith " 4000 Years Before Vader Said It

03-09-00, 11:18 PM
Why would you need Zone Alarm in conjunction with another firewall program?

03-10-00, 06:20 AM
I am using BlackIce. Works fine for me. Also I have ZoneAlarm installed but rarely have it activated & running. The key is whether or not you have NetworkNeighborhood up & running. If you are not networked to other boxes in your home then you don't need it! The log-on security is useless. If it's not running then you basically don't exist to port scanners, firewall or not. The only real threat from a cracker is if you have an existing trojan on your system anyway. That's where a good anti-virus program comes in. I use Norton's & the Cleaner from moosoft.com. So really I am using BlackIce more so as a toy. It's cool to see who is trying to ***k w/ me & to trace where they are coming from, but that's about it. I have no trojans here, including the other kind as well. Had the wife "spayed" a few years back!


Have you heard about SPEEDCORP?

03-11-00, 02:00 AM
I run BlackICE and the pre-Norton bloat AtGuard (v 3.22). The combination of the two is great. While you could increase protection levels in BlackICE, it becomes far too stringent and blocks most ports you need to have available. Basically, I mean that you need to be able to send data through ports that BlackICE would block completely, both inbound/outbound.