View Full Version : how do i stop this?

05-29-00, 07:54 AM
Rule "Default Block Backdoor/SubSeven Trojan" blocked (xxxxxxxx,Backdoor-g-1). Details:
Inbound TCP connection
Local address,service is (xxxxxxxxx-a,Backdoor-g-1)
Remote address,service is (,2831)

Noir Pouvoir
05-30-00, 05:56 PM
I,m not sure what program your using but if you can create rules then all ya have to do is block all incomming fragments..in the 1024-5000 range! Other than that do nothing!
If it makes ya feel better do the abuse@isp thing.

05-31-00, 06:30 AM
i have norton running one last question is the remote address this persons ip addy?and this has happened about 9 times in three days all different trojans,this is getting old the remote address is different every time is it easy to spoof his ip?

05-31-00, 03:21 PM
I use norton personal firewall 2000 on win2k, and i get that **** all the time! from different ips too. I get backdoor alert, subseven ****, netbus etc etc, basically its just saying that port scan is being made on my pc to see if those ports are open. But all teh intruder gets is no response from the ports. The alert is gettin very annoying so i just now ignore it!

who knows good firewalls for win2k?


06-01-00, 04:26 AM
thanks for all the info