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11-17-00, 04:36 PM
Hello all,

I found a web site that knows their stuff when it comes to computers...I haven't stumped them yet!!! check them out at:
www.whatswrongnow.com (http://www.whatswrongnow.com)

11-20-00, 02:36 PM
No one has stumped us here either.

11-20-00, 07:05 PM
looks like a neat way to get help for those hard to answer questions

but here on speedguide you can get help for those hard to answer questions, but do it for free, and have the combined knowledge of thousands and thousands of people that visit this site.

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My site www.coremeltdown.com (http://www.coremeltdown.com)

12-05-00, 11:36 PM
wow well I'm stumped. I don't want to drown you with data; but I've been using your patches for some time now on 3 different puters and have helped lots of peops to speed up theirs. Ive jumped back and forth between
dsl and cable now I'm back to Cable http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/frown.gif
my main use is unreal tournament and I watch my ping like a hawk having just relocated and set up my cable I reinstalled the cable@home patch the win98 patch and the webpage patch now in UT my ping spikes wildly 100 then 600
then 50 then 550 ect. I went in and reset myect MaxConnectionsPer1_0Server settings to 10/8 thinking it would undo the webpage patch
any way I'm in over my haed and need help
any suggestions?

12-06-00, 07:24 PM
Errr did I post on the wrong thread?

12-06-00, 08:31 PM
maybe so, try the game forum.

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12-06-00, 11:30 PM
Originally posted by Anthrax:
Errr did I post on the wrong thread?

um yeah, I'd say so...

Try over at the Cable Modems & xDSL Forum ...

There are eager minds just waiting for such a question there!

this here forum is for feedback and suggestions, etc. (hence the name...)