View Full Version : Works on 2 'puters but not third

11-14-00, 08:00 AM
I applied the speed tweak_pppoe to my computer (PIII 600mhz)with Windows 98se, and got over double the speed increase while browsing. Also applied it to my computer (PIII 800mhz)with Me, and got nearly double increase in speed. However, in both instances, it did not help my ping while playing online games. I can live with that, it's a great! program.
However, I tried to install it on an AMD K6-2, 350mhz computer, Win98se, that is also connected to the LAN and Dsl, and when I right clicked on the file, it did not give me an install selection. Anyone know why it wouldn't let me install it?
As I said, it's a great program, and I have shared it with all my friends!