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04-05-00, 12:34 AM
Hi again i do not mean tobe a bother but i left something out on the windows98 EMM386MESSAGE What is listed during the boot up of my computer the screen just befor it goes to the windows desktop isactive handels 1 PAGE FRAME SEGMENT E00H then it says EMM386 ACTIVE IS THAT CORRECT?BECAUSE I DID not start getting that message util after i made the changes Thanks again

04-05-00, 02:31 PM
Hey congo....

Do you see this image http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/reply5.jpg at the top of the page???

You can reply in your ORIGINAL message. There is no need to start 4 (four) separate threads for the same issue/questions.

Go back and combine your questions into one thread and delete the others. It makes the board a lot cleaner and gets your questions answered easier.

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