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10-10-00, 05:47 AM
Im a new member to this site, I have a Telstra ADSL 512 / 128 Connection ...my ADSL connection is using PPPoE with Win98SE,testing before install was a 512k file went up @ 90kbps & 140kbps down to me...( average speed over 5 tests ) i then installed the tweak for PPoE & the Web Browser tweak as explained on this site as i was totally dissatisified with the proformance of my new ADSL connection...i'd like to say no words can explain the increase in upload & download id say at least in my case double what i started with and the results are as follows...up @ 186kbps & 366kbps down...as you can see the results say it all for me...even though im paying for a 512 / 128k connection...im a very happy guy...Thankyou to the Tweaker !!! and also the owners of this very informative site....Ian


10-10-00, 09:36 AM
The tweaks more than doubled my speed also, now I'm hooked on speedguide.


10-26-00, 06:16 AM
my speed was tripled w/ the @home speed patch. then ovre the past few weeks so many of my damn neighbors have gotten cable that it has slowed down dramaticly http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/mad.gif

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