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03-17-00, 05:38 PM
I have been sitting on some questions & ideas for a while now so here goes:

I notice there has been a bunch of crap lately about warez, free speech, member rights, uncapping....all the usual bs that belongs elsewhere on other boards. You guys have stated clearly over & over the purpose of these boards & your policies regarding those subjects.

But what is lacking here is discipline. Not punishment. Discipline: training that develops self control or orderliness & efficiency. It's up to you admins & mods to set the training pattern here at this site. And here's how: We have a number of boards here but it would appear that there really is only one main board, the first one. Every subject under the sun is posted there! A guy posts a Q about Linksys hubs. Bang! Close it & move it to the Networking Forum. BlackIce Q. Bang! Close the post & move it to Security Forum. IE* crashes? Bang! Closing this thread & moving it to Software Forum.

By doing so you will be establishing order & discipline & effective monitering of this site. And it's members will be grateful! And so will you! Count the stats. Which page on this site gets the most hits? You have adds on those other pages don't you? Need I say more. Order & good form attract new members & it appeals to them!

Now don't make the mistake of thinking that I'm a control freak or a pro military gung-ho snap & pop guy. I'm not. But I do appreciate some control & order. Control is NOT a bad thing! Try driving a car w/out using control & order & rules of the road!

So.....just "educate us" & show a little discipline here & things will be in order in no short time. But a word of warning, expect some flap back when you initiate it. For when one starts bringing order into a zone or area of activity DISorder always shows up. The trick is to just ignore the disorder & keep on bringing order!

I said my peace...


03-17-00, 08:51 PM
Can I hear an AMEN, brother????

I've been saying this for some time now. Prepare to be flamed by the kiddies!!

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"Warez is NOT tolerated on this board......The reason such posts haven't been deleted in the past is freedom of speech. Just posting the word warez does not qualify you for the ban or delete list." - Philip (3/14/2000)

"That's last warning... Next time we start deleting useless/offensive posts and banning users." -
Philip (3/17/2000)

03-17-00, 09:38 PM
I hear ya, I agree with everything you said

I think the reasons everything is posted in the Cable/DSL forum is because #1 it's the First Forum Topic when you come to the discussion boards and #2 it's easier to just post everything in the world in one Forum Topic so that you only have to visit that one topic, more convient for Lazy people

I'm up the task of controlling it like it should be and all, it will prolly piss some people off at first though and flames I will get, but if it will bring back the profesionalism of the site back, I'll do it.

Have a Nice Day =)

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03-17-00, 10:08 PM
Do it brother do it!!!