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03-11-00, 08:54 PM
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif

03-11-00, 11:26 PM

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03-11-00, 11:32 PM
I went in to the Registry editor and tried to find the HKEY HKLM and the rest of the string but couldn't locate it.... Am I lame or what?

Also, I just changed from Cable to DSL and I'm not sure I''m too happy with it.. I have what seems to be a lame connection, it seems almost as if I get disconnected at times... My home page www.mamma.com (http://www.mamma.com) will load once in a while fast and then other times it just sits there like theres no connection... I have one other PC that is connected with ICS and it has the same issues. So I know it's the DSL or could be my main NIC. The only difference is one particular site I go to www.netcq.com. (http://www.netcq.com.) I can get there from PC2 but not PC1. Wierd... Any suggestions.... Flashcom says there's something wrong with my connection but no more than that....

03-12-00, 02:11 AM
the French have a word for it.....S A S S Y !