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03-04-00, 04:56 PM
I installed this and wow, my cable access was amazing. I saw download speeds over 400K/sec compared to 270K/sec before.

One problem. My e-mail account won't connect. After installing sguide_default_9x my e-mail was working again.

Any ideas. My cable ISP is @Home from Comcast.


03-05-00, 09:12 PM
Your mail server could have just been down... try it again. Before arriving on a conclusion it is best to make several attempts at an "experiment". Try it maybe 2-3 more times at different times of the day. Bet ya it works...

To see if it really is your computers settings, or if you mail server is down, go to www.mailstart.com (http://www.mailstart.com)

There you can check your mail. All you need is your @home username and your password. Good Luck!



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