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01-29-00, 06:14 PM
I have noticed over the last few days that some of the posts are being removed.

Some I have responded to today, and 3 hours later I come back and their gone.

Anybody else notice this?

Would someone please share with me why they have been removed.

01-29-00, 06:48 PM
Every user had the option to delete their own posts. Also, I've moved a couple of topics to the Feedback/Suggestions and Security/LANs forums. Other than that, there are no deleted posts on this board that I'm aware of.

01-29-00, 06:52 PM
Well 3 reasons I suppose

1.) When you respond to a post or something it may not show up on your browser even if you refresh. Sometimes you have to close your browser and clear you cache. Because on some browsers it depends on how you have it set up, when you refresh it may be reading from the cache and not display that thread anymore. So usually closing your browser and clearing the cache, then opening it back up and going to it may show the thread again.

2.) The thread was deleted, this will happen if it's deemed the thread is not of good conduct or fowl lanqauge that is appropriate here.

3.) The post was moved due to it not being of relavance to the Topic of this Section. It may have been moved to a Different Topic on this forum pertaining to what the thread is about.

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01-29-00, 07:43 PM
oh, ok
was just wondering

01-30-00, 12:26 AM
ok, moved to the Feedback Forum.