View Full Version : View ONLY messages with new activity since last visit.

C.M. Weaver
01-17-01, 02:56 PM

Is there a way to set a cookie that only messages that have had activity since your last visit will show, or maybe an option in preferences to show a NEW icon, or a link at the top of the forum that says Show All Topics/Show Only New Topics?

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01-17-01, 03:10 PM
That feature is already there. When you're on the main Board page (www.speedguide.net/cgi-bin/Ultimate.cgi), whichever forum has the Yellow light bulb next to it is the one that has a new post/thread since the last time you visited. You have to already have the Speedguide cookie in your PC in order for it to work I think.


01-17-01, 04:55 PM
You should see different color icons for new posts, if you don't, try clearing your cookies from the forum preferences here: