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01-08-01, 08:29 PM
Who is this new guy 1-3-7 have you read any of his post! In the General Disscussion Board. I think ha has just about worked every ones nerve in here. In my opinion some of them are very rude and sick. Now this just my Opinion. Just wanted to know what you thought.

01-08-01, 10:46 PM
Thanks, I will talk to Philip concerning him.

01-08-01, 11:55 PM
That situation is taken care of, thanks for informing us http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif

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01-09-01, 12:21 AM
Your welcome, I really like you guys your good!

01-09-01, 12:10 PM
It hasn't been fixed yet.

Whats up with that Brent? Who is 137?

01-16-01, 11:28 PM
messiah, whats up with that man,,,,,,???? I thought we were cool? Oh well

Thanks 137

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01-16-01, 11:38 PM
That was awhile back (before we talked on ICQ) and before you talked to Brent on ICQ.

We are cool

I dunno what she found so offensive, perphaps if you did a search by your username you can see what you said to upset her.

we cool though.

01-27-01, 02:56 AM
It was they way he answered some questions and some of the things he posted if you check back you will see. They were not the greatest for the younger set. Brent found one right on this froum. That was my only beef. The rest of his post have been fine.

02-16-01, 12:50 AM
Now do you see why I ask john or brent to check out 137. Just Like my best friends Post. Plus a few he has made after I told you. If My-Best-Friend is 137 or who ever else you guy say he is. How does he get back on the board after you ban him. I thought you guys could block the Ips. Just wondering. I like this Board alot and don't want to see some of the younger set . Have to put up with such crap. No offense just was curious. I agree this board should be kept civil for the younger set. I have a teenage boy. I ask his opinion of that lasy post of My Best Friend. and he told me it was very rude. Most of his friends said the same thing which really shock me. But, Its seems most of the teens I know threw my son, This day and age want to be taken serious and want help when they ask a question. Not crap. No offence all the mods here do a good job and I know they can't catch everything. But I am very glad to see others willing to help them out. ;) Thanks for letting me let a little steam off. If this is what it sounds like. ;)

02-22-01, 04:30 PM
Hey Storm, I hope you do not teach your teenager grammer and or spelling. LOL :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

02-25-01, 02:46 PM
jiggaho Check some of your posting before jumping me. About grammer. I have been out of school for along time now. So don't expect my spelling to be great. Plus are you 137 maybe! Thanks John ! I sometimes do mess up on my spelling due to the medication I take for my back. Plus I am not a real good at typeing either. But his post was uncalled for. I read alot of post with bad spelling . But you can usally figure them out. But thank you again! ;)