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04-01-01, 08:36 PM
Please take that huge number 513920 off your analyzer, everyone is trying it, even dsl, PPPoE, it's a mess. Thanks :)

04-02-01, 02:54 AM
And ? What problems are they getting with it ? Who says high RWIN values do harm and why ? I mean, I can't see a reasonable argument to why it should harm a connection.

04-02-01, 08:31 AM
I'm not saying that all computers can't have a RWIN that size, but with dsl, PPPoE. Packet loss, streaming video, people just don't understand what they are doing and putting the highest number in there to see if it will make them download faster, then the packet loss, well whatever you say boss. :)

04-06-01, 12:53 PM
Just posting here cuz this thread is the first in the section, yet has an older date than a few others, so now when i hit reply it will be ok :)

04-12-01, 12:46 AM
hey it dont hurt any body if they type it in right? cuz if it is a correct multiple then they should be fine and yardofstuf did u forget what you wanted to say lol

05-02-01, 12:41 AM
I really don't think wrin has anything to do with packetloss . It has not in the past. Its usally on the provider's side. Or you may have a bad drop. Plus Not all system are the same. You would be surprise how mant different cpu can use that size with no problems. I work on computers and where I work we have cable there. So when I am board and have the time. Before reformat computer we take on trade. They may install a nic and mess with it with these tweaks to see how fast they can download. I have senn 300 cpu all the way up to 1gh. run fine with that wrin and no packet loss. Its all in the provder and what your computer can use. The best way to tweak a computer is to play around with different settings till you get the ones that work for you. Not every computer will use the same tweak and give the best performance.There is no one perfect tweak for all computer's . This is my Opinion. :D

05-02-01, 10:13 PM
yeah thats true, it would be trial and error, whatever works best for the user, if it doesnt work (and they complain) , this is where members of speedguide come in, then we can guide them to a better tweak