View Full Version : How about a Speed Test?

10-05-99, 10:36 PM
First, I wanna thank you all these tweaks are GREAT!

How about setting up a speed test on this site?
It is really hard to know the real speed from the MSN Bandwith test page, it fluctuates too much.

10-06-99, 01:37 AM
Thanks for the positive comments and the suggestion.

There are a couple of reasons there is no speed test on this site...yet

First of all, such a test is very subjective - the closer you are to the server, the better results you are going to get, time of day makes a difference, as well as other similar factors.

The second one is that for such a test to be comparatively reliable, we have to provide a large file, which creates bandwidth issues. If someone has an idea for creating comaratively stable test with a small test file, we'd be happy to work on it.

10-09-99, 02:19 PM
I wish I could help.......but I have an upload cap........sorry!