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12-20-00, 09:57 AM
this is very cool,we should do this here.they have spell check on their posts !!!

12-20-00, 11:13 PM
what, where

As we've stated we are waiting for UBB 6.0 to come out before we upgrade, Currently we have hacks installed to provide things such as the 'Who's Online' and other things. If we were to upgrade to the latest UBB currently 5.47b I think we would have to reinstall those Hacks.

UBB 6.0 will be out after the new year sometime in January we are all hoping. It will have lots of new features and is suppose to have much cleaner optimized code. Lets just wait for that and see how it goes. If it totally blows chunks then we will explore other BB options, such as VBuliten.

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12-20-00, 11:37 PM
oh yeah the spell check, that's a new feature added in the ubb on 5.47

i've got it on my board over at coremeltdown too

12-20-00, 11:45 PM
Oh s%$t,I am really brain farting today>>>>