View Full Version : NetTrans.. how many???

05-12-00, 12:59 PM

How many 000n are there supposed to me I have 0001 - 0009 and all are (from what I see) identical??

should there only be one?

05-19-00, 09:46 PM
hey gearhead, it doesn't matter . the extra ones are not harming anything. if you installed the default tweaks from this site then the tweak put the generic registry keys up to 9 i think. if you only have cable for your net access and nothing else like dial-up or AOL then you can delete those keys if you want. you really do not have to. i have 4 XXXX in my registry. 1 is cable, 2 is AOL LAN, 3 AOL dialup, 4 Dial-up adapter.
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