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05-11-00, 12:10 AM
hey Philip,
you site is very good! http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif
however the flycast and burst ad are in infinity loop so that i need to wait them finishes b4 can see the pages (i am using netscape and i need to wait around 2 mins to get the loop finish which is very annoying) http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/frown.gif

also i am using flycast as ad network too, you reliase flycast's CPM is start drop? last month is around $1.5 CPM.. this month is around $1 CPM ... or even $0.5 CPM.. people cannot keep their web site up soon if continue like this... do you got the same problem?

05-11-00, 07:44 AM
Same here - revenue from Flycast is down to less than half ( Average CPM Impressions: $0.63 !?!) and Burst is not doing well either.

I guess the Market is down and all tech/net companies (that advertise) are not doing very well.

I'll get rid of the loop, we're talking with Doubleclick and looking for alternate agencies...

05-11-00, 05:32 PM
Yes, we are using Burst too and it didn't do well (It filled about 1/10 of our inventory only).

I heard some of the guys using flycast and they have still have around avg $4 CPM. I am not sure why. I contacted Flycast and they said my avg $0.5 CPM is normal as they didn't pick up the ad sales.

I think the main problem is Flycast has accepted many Pay to Surf companies which takes a lot of impressions but not return of clickthru - that's what brings the market down.

Anyway, we are talking with DoubleClick and AdSmart and see if they help us out. Do you know which agent is promising? (I found the good ones are DoubleClick, 24/7 Media, Flycast (which is not good now), and AdSmart)