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Lex Luthor
04-27-00, 01:48 PM
Can't you guys get rid of the Flashing WINNER banner ad? I know you need your ad revenues and all, but I find it a complete and total annoyance.

Does anyone else feel the same?


04-30-00, 06:14 AM
actually it is a little distracting,

04-30-00, 07:01 AM
I simply ignore it or don't pay attention to it.

Cannot kill it...it is one of the sponsors.

04-30-00, 09:37 AM
The actual sponser is flycast.com

As you may have noticed, the banners cycle to a different one every time you refresh. There are probably 7-8 banners in a cycle, and we have no control over what banners are put into the cycle, flycast is the one who puts the banners in the cycle. Same thing applied when we had that playboy banner popping up a while ago.

05-01-00, 09:54 AM
Flycast is an Advertising Agency we work with, they represent 4-500 advertisers. There is a way to disable the banner, however I'd have to know the company name/URL you are reffering to, so I can locate it. If they're not a major advertiser, I'll remove it from rotation.

Lex Luthor
05-01-00, 12:30 PM

Thanks for your concern. When I click the banner (which kills be to do to be honest), I get taken to www.productshowroom.com/....... (http://www.productshowroom.com/.......)

I'd have to think you get some editorial say on the banners you put up. This one is extremely annoying.

I'm sure that they have had this banner rejected by other sites.


05-01-00, 02:02 PM
What banner ads?
Use AtGuard or soemthing like it to kill the banners.

Lex Luthor
05-01-00, 02:23 PM
It's a banner ad that they host on this site here. You'll know it if you see it, trust me!

I didn't know there were programs that kill banner ads (I don't mean pop up ads).

I'm not sure I'd use one. They usually don't annoy me....I might click on one...and how else would this website and others keep open if no one ever clicked on them?

I just mind this particular banner.


05-01-00, 04:16 PM
Lex Luthor: There may be many...I use Norton Internet Security. Part of this firewall is ad blocking. I never see the ads on this site. Thus, although I read about it, I never saw the Playboy ad that most people didn't like. However, I don't have it set @ 100% ad-block & get ads at some sites.

05-01-00, 05:00 PM
Our internet bill is over $600 monthly, the banners are what makes the site possible...

Anyway, that Winner Banner should be out of rotation now, I hope I got the right company.

05-01-00, 05:03 PM
Moved to the Feedback forum.

Lex Luthor
05-02-00, 08:57 AM

The winner banner has NOT been killed.

It's 11am EDT 5/2 and it's flashing away.

Thanks for helping out.