View Full Version : why is windows stopping 865mhz?

03-13-00, 11:06 PM
im currently running at 806mhz-6.5x124fsb. when i go to 133fsb i get windows registry problems and it wont continue booting. i dont understand why windows is stopping me. i have asus p3bf, 650e coppermine@806, pc133ram, viper770. before when trying to go to 865mhz it wouldnt get past post so i got the pc133ram and it fixed that but now it gets as far as saying starting windows98 then i get that registry check thing and it wont continue, why would windows stop me from the increase?? any thought would be greatly appreciated.

03-14-00, 09:09 PM
try win2k.. mm i dunno that's REALLY odd...i can't get my celeron to run on a 100 mhz bus but others have :\. oh well i dunno man i'd just say be happy w/ the 806.. get more cooling and try again maybe. who knows. windows is dumb sometimes.. it'd odd because it shouldn't have a darned thing to do with the registry..also try maybe getting norton utilities and having it optimize everything

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03-15-00, 05:53 PM
usually its your hdd if your registry is getting errors in it.. your hdd might not like the 133 FSB speed, maybe your divider isn't working right then

03-19-00, 03:36 PM
have you tried using softfsb to get past
i have a 600E slot 1 runing at 850
on a soyo 6ba3 & also 128 pc 133 mushkin
mem & a diamond viper ultra
and have had this setup upto 900
850 is tops for games