View Full Version : Voltage... Wher's that?

03-12-00, 10:15 PM
Anyone know where the voltage jumpers are on a Asus P2B-D Motherboard? I'm trying to overclock my PII 333Mhz Deutches processor to more than 450 Mhz on this board and I get problems when going to 4.5 for a multiplier and 100 for a Bus ..... and maybe also what jumper settings are for what voltage ...

Doing 5 X 100 won't let the System boot up as there is no video present and the BIOS doesn't post ......

I've looked in the BIOS and it says the VCore is at 2.0 but it won't let me change it there .....
Help ..... Need something faster cause 450Mhz is just too damn slow right now

03-13-00, 11:03 PM
try checking the www.asus.com (http://www.asus.com) homepage for an online manual